metal restoration

Given that they are 200 years old, the wrought iron glazing bars are in perhaps surprisingly good condition. Over the years broken glass has been continuously replaced and the metal painted, which has offered some protection. However rust has accumulated under the putty. This eventually loosens and dislodges the glass. Moreover rust from the condensation at the foot of the curved iron has eaten away at some of the fastenings of the bars to the casements.

The glazing bars need to be cleaned, patched at the foot and treated with modern preservatives. In some places this will require total deglazing. The cast iron casements will be removed and taken to Stockport to be cleaned, treated and reglazed with clear glass.

Within the greenhouse, there is a good deal of elegant iron “furniture”, such as window hooks, wires for training vines, ventilator flaps and metal doors (all strictly in conformity with Loudon’s recommendations). These will all be restored.

Calibre Metalworks will be responsible for this and will be the lead contractor.